Fiesta Parade Floats is the Rose Parade's Most Award Winning Float Builder

Television Crews At Fiesta Parade Floats

Fiesta Parade Floats houses a year-round marketing and public relations staff that have developed strong relationships with national and local broadcast media. Many outlets and reporters rely upon Fiesta to deliver inside and “behind the scenes” coverage of the Rose Parade each year. Fiesta consistently receives more media coverage every year than any other Rose Parade float builder.

The Pollack PR Marketing Group has more than 25 years in the business of public relations and marketing. The senior staff is “hands-on” and works closely with Fiesta to achieve consistent and widespread coverage of each of the floats. Having worked the Rose Parade on the client side for more than ten years, the agency has a keen understanding of brand perception in the parade and is especially equipped to partner with Fiesta clients to achieve branding and marketing objectives. The agency specializes in communicating brand messages of Fiesta’s Rose Parade floats via local and national broadcast media before, leading up to, and during the Rose Parade.

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