Fiesta Parade Floats is leading the float industry in setting the standards for design excellence, construction and Floral Design. Fiesta is proud to have won the Sweepstakes Award for the last 20 years in a row, and has a prize winning rate of over 65% for the last 24 years, the highest prize winning rate in the Rose Parade Industry.

Dole Rose Parade Float By Fiesta Parade Floats


Sweepstakes Trophy

Dole Foods, Inc.

“Dreaming of Paradise”

Dole recognizes the relationship between the success of the company and the strength and vitality of the communities in which it operates. Independent family farmers from around the world implement sustainable agricultural practices while raising the best fruits and vegetables. Dole lives its mission statement and guiding principles through active involvement in the communities of origin country where the most nutritious, fresh fruits and vegetables are grown for your family’s enjoyment.

Kaiser Rose Parade Float Designed By Fiesta Parade Floats

Theme Trophy

Kaiser Permanente

“Oh, The Healthy Things You Can Do”

The mischievous Cat in the Hat has charmed and entertained children for over 40 years in best selling and easy to read books, movies and educational programs for the young and young-at-heart. In this whimsical floral scene of Kaiser Permanente’s eighth Rose Parade float entry his goal is to get kids up and moving with imaginative fun-filled exercise and activities. “Oh, the Healthy Things You Can Do” is about finding your own thing. Being healthy has no rules! Run or walk, dance, bike or hula-hoop. Read a book, or read to someone else. These are all things that make your mind, body and spirit healthy. Much to the delight of Sally and Conrad, swinging high above the scene, the Cat in the Hat takes a break from his usual form of chaos and takes a moment to read to Thing One and Thing Two out in the colorful garden and fresh air.  This energizing scene gets the kids outdoors and moving as they swing, teeter-totter and bike.  With the Cat in the Hat’s help these kids are starting off the New Year right with all the healthy things they can do!

™ & © Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. 2012 All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Macy's Rose Parade Float By Fiesta Parade Floats


“Presenting the Royal Court”

The 2013 Tournament of Roses Rose Queen and Royal Court are magnificently presented beneath a decorative floating bejeweled crown canopy sitting amid an elegant tailored rose garden lined in boxwood hedges and delicate ferns. This captivating floral masterpiece showcases the elegance of the Rose Queen and her six Princesses.  Flanking the length of the float is opulently carved urns featuring magnificent rose and floral arrangements.  Oversized sculptured roses frame the front of the float.

Natural Balance Rose Parade Float By Fiesta Parade Floats

Past Presidents’ Trophy

Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc.

“Canines with Courage”

Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods salutes and gives recognition to the brave canine members of America’s armed forces that so gallantly serve our nation with this patriotic salute honoring their loyal service and heroism.  Leading the float are military working dog teams and handlers. A flora replica of the bronze and marble United States Military Working Dog Teams National Monument, to be dedicated in late 2013 at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, is prominently displayed beneath lush orchid laced cherry trees.

Pets 90210 Rose Parade Float Designed By Fiesta Parade Floats

Lathrop K. Leishman

Pets 90210

“Follow the Stars … Adopt A Pet!”

In this sun-drenched floral park scene, framed by lush floral trees, finding unconditional love and abounding happiness is just a pet adoption away. Lovable and cuddly puppies and playful kittens await just the right animal lover to take them to their “forever home” and a lifetime filled with happiness for all. The Beverly Hills Pet Foundation holds pet adoption events four times a year in Beverly Hills City Parks: Roxbury, La Cienega and Beverly Gardens. Occurring in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall the time is always right to give a well-deserving rescue pet a secure home, ecstatic happiness and a heart filled of love. Oversized wicker baskets and plush pillows award the comforts these adorable creatures deserve.  Photo displays of celebrity animal activist and their beloved pets are featured at the front of the float. There is a loving rescue pet out there for everyone – now please go find and adopt one!

Torrance Rose Parade Float Designed By Fiesta Parade Floats

City of Torrance

“Follow Your Dreams”

Dreams through the eyes of children are filled with wonder, excitement and imagination. Youth is a magical time — a time when dreams are reality and the door to the world of learning, education and adventure are wide open and all are attainable.  The 59th annual City of Torrance Rose Parade float portrays dreams coming to life through better education. And when you believe and achieve, dreams can—and do—come true. Amid fanciful gardens and stacks of books, a young girl reads to her friend resting in a swinging hammock. As their imaginations drift into vivid images of wondrous and flamboyant adventures their dreams of the future unfold in 3-dimensional forms emerging from giant floral clouds.  The aspirations of their future come to life against a backdrop of brilliant stars, clouds and a colorful rainbow. Featured throughout the float are various professions that children worldwide dream of successfully becoming when they grow up and enter the fields of aerospace, medical science, community and civic services.

Delta Sigma Theta Rose Parade Float Designed By Fiesta Parade Floats

Delta Sigma Theta

“Transforming Communities through Sisterhood and Service”

In anticipation of its 2013 Centennial Celebration, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, the world’s largest African-American Greek-lettered sorority, is kicking off its year-long celebration with this floral salute to its heroic heritage and the inspiring women that comprise the 300,000 national and international sorority members.

Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economies, Republic of Indonesia Rose Parade Float Designed By Fiesta Parade Floats

President’s Trophy

Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economies, Republic of Indonesia

“Wonderful Indonesia”

Wonderful Indonesia promotes Indonesia as a unique and fantastic destination with something for everyone: from the highest luxury to the most rugged eco-adventure travel. The Republic of Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world comprising 17,504 large and small tropical islands fringed with white sandy beaches. From spectacular natural sceneries to stunning cultural displays, Indonesia is a multi-faceted destination to be discovered and experienced. It is the world’s third largest democracy with a vibrant economy and a populace that value their diversity and heritage, and welcome people from all over the world.

Miracle-Gro Designed By Fiesta Parade Floats

Crown City Innovation Trophy


“Everyone Grows”

Miracle-Gro created a float that expresses the optimism that gardening brings with the renewal of spring and the positivity in growing your own. Anyone’s backyard, windowsill, stoop or balcony can be transformed into a fantasy garden full of beautiful flowers and bountiful fruits and vegetables. With a little love and water, everyone can grow with Miracle-Gro. The Miracle-Gro mission is one that inspires gardeners of all ages to express themselves on their own piece of the Earth. This can be done through a container on a fire escape, or an in-ground backyard garden. The transformative and inspirational power of gardening excites the wonder of discovery, welcoming children into Mother’s Nature’s backyard.

Aids Healthcare Foundation Designed By Fiesta Parade Floats

Queen’s Tropy

AIDS Healthcare Foundation

“The Global Face of AIDS”

Los Angeles based AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the largest AIDS Service Organization in the world providing direct care to over 200,000 people in 25 countries, commemorates their 25th anniversary, and reminds the world that HIV / AIDS is an ongoing global epidemic. A 60-foot long red ribbon, the awareness symbol of compassion for people living with HIV / AIDS, elegantly commands the way to this spectacular floral tribute. Central to the design is the 10-foot diameter world globe, encompassed with flags from the 25 countries serviced by AHF, which emphasizes AHF’s commitment to this global epidemic and their “cutting edge medicine and advocacy regardless of ability to pay” for people worldwide. The world globe and floral flags emphasize that HIV / AIDS is truly a global epidemic.

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